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Texas House Passes Nearly $5 Billion in Tax Cuts 
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by: Rep. Burns, DeWayne

AUSTIN, TX - Earlier this week, the Texas House of Representatives voted to pass two bills, both co-authored by Rep. DeWayne Burns, that will amount to nearly $5 billion in tax cuts for hard-working Texas families and business owners. Burns said the legislation was designed to provide across-the-board relief for all Texans.

"These tax cuts are both historic in terms of their scope, and also meaningful to the bottom line of every single person who pays taxes in Texas," Burns said. "These are permanent cuts that cannot be taken away by an appraiser or a city or county government. In fact, the only way these cuts could be undone is by a future vote of the legislature, which is why it is critical that we continue to send strong conservatives to Austin to protect the cuts indefinitely."

The two pieces of legislation, House Bills 31 and 32, will provide $4.9 billion in permanent tax relief. House Bill 31 reduces the state sales tax rate from 6.25% to 5.95%, making it the first sales tax reduction in Texas history. House Bill 32 provides a 25% cut in the state's franchise tax, a burdensome business tax that has hurt small businesses and hampered job growth for years. Both bills were unanimously supported by the Texas House Caucus members.

Burns concluded, "I'm incredibly proud to be a part of the House today. So much of what you see in politics these days is just smoke-and-mirrors, but these two bills are the real deal. They are straightforward, fair and will put money back into the pockets of every Texan, regardless of their income, occupation or any other factor."

HB 31 and 32 will now be sent to the Texas Senate for consideration, and if passed there, to Governor Abbott's desk to be signed into law.

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