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State Representative Justin Rodriguez Proposes Equal Pay, 91 Texas House Members Vote Against the Measure  print page

by: Rep. Rodriguez, Justin

AUSTIN—Today, state Representative Justin Rodriguez (San Antonio) filed an amendment with bipartisan support to Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer’s House Joint Resolution 26, which proposes a constitutional amendment establishing an increase in minimum wage, that would ensure equal pay for equal work. With a vote of 52-91, the House did not see fit to adopt this amendment.

Rep. Rodriguez had the following to say after his equal pay amendment failed: “I’m incredibly disheartened that in 2015, we’re still debating equality. Equal pay for equal work is a common-sense policy. I believe that my daughters deserve to grow up in a world that values their work as much as it values that of my son, and I am disappointed that some of my fellow members apparently disagree.”

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