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State Rep. White Supports Our Military and Local Police in Legislation  print page

by: Rep. White, James

Monday, I began the week by laying out House Bill 1646, relating to a program allowing the US military, our men and women serving abroad in a combat zone, the option to file the election ballot electronically. If passed, this bill would give easier access to our brave men and women that are currently receiving combat pay. I believe that these men and women that our fighting for our rights here at home should have the easiest access to every right afforded to them.

Following my bill layout in the morning, the Combined Law Enforcement Agencies of Texas held a rally at the State Capitol. The House also unanimously passed House Resolution 792 commemorating and honoring the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement. Many times the police act as first responders, and we as Texans should take the time to thank our local police officers for their courage and service.

Tuesday, HB 1109 was voted out of committee; this is a bill that allows Texas to enter into an interstate compact agreement with other states regarding the application, convention, and ratification processes associated with an Article V Convention. The compact once adopted will make way for bringing up a balanced budget amendment at the Article V Convention. In Texas, the one thing the Legislature must do is pass a budget, on a federal level there is no such requirement leaving Congress without oversight to prevent runaway spending. This uncontrolled spending is taking money away from future generations to pay for our current debt. Eroding our individual freedom, strangling the life out of our small businesses and forcing state governments to overspend.

Wednesday, I laid out two bills in the Committee on Criminal Jurisprudence. HB 252, relating to the punishment of certain sexual offenses committed in a disaster area or an evacuated area. This bill aims to take a stronger stance against those who commit crimes like indecency with a child in a disaster area. In the wake of disaster, families can become separated and can result in instances where children are kidnapped or abused. Southeast Texas is prone to experiencing hurricanes and these behaviors cannot be tolerated and it is our duty to make address the issue. I also laid out HB 1570, which relates to the punishment for the offense of burglary. Essentially, this bill would create a parity between burglary committed on a home, or on a private business. Businesses are owned by private citizens, but if someone robs the business they receive less punishment under current law. My bill addresses that concern and gives businesses the power to protect their property.

I would also like to congratulate all those young student athletes from House District 19 who qualified for the State UIL Tournaments that will be taking place in Austin. I have extended an invitation to all these gifted athletes to visit their State Capitol and I wish Hardin-Jefferson, Chester, Lumberton, Jasper, Newton, Deweyville, Burkeville, Kountze, and Leggett High Schools the best of luck.

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