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by: Rep. Wu, Gene

Representative Wu passed in the House with overwhelming approval HB 418 and HB 497, two bills aimed at protecting public safety.

HB 497 has passed the House by a vote of 144-1. The bill is an extension of SB 514, a bill that Wu carried last session which allowed pipelines—instead of overweight trucks—to carry oil and gas byproducts from production sites to disposal wells.

By permitting saltwater pipelines to be installed on Texas Department of Transportation rights-of-way, this legislation has reduced the number of oversized trucks transporting oil and gas production waste on small county roads. Ultimately, the use of these saltwater pipelines will result in a cleaner environment and improved public safety.

Inspired by SB 514, Wu’s HB 497 broadens the definition of saltwater pipeline facilities to allow for the installation of non-produced waterlines on the TxDOT rights-of-way. Wu expects his legislation to further decrease dependency on overburdened trucks to haul dangerous production waste material.

“My goal is to minimize the risk of accidents resulting from the transportation of oil and gas waste products,” Wu states. “HB 497 is a public safety bill, and I’m glad that the Legislature sees it as such.”

Representative Wu also passed his bill, HB 418, in the House by a vote of 143-0. This bill will authorize CPS caseworkers and peace officers to quickly place child human trafficking victims into foster care. HB 418 would also allow counties to establish facilities to provide the victims with shelter, medical care, counseling, and other critical resources.

“I filed HB 418 to help children who have been through horrible things,” Wu says. “We as Texans must do everything we can to make sure that these children are quickly brought into a haven where they can have their medical and psychological needs met and can feel safe.”

Both bills now head to the Senate for approval in the upper chamber.


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