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Representative Shaheen files major plank of Gov. Abbott’s government reform agenda 
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by: Rep. Shaheen, Matt

AUSTIN, TX—As a centerpiece of his taxpayer advocacy, State Representative Matt Shaheen filed
House Bill 3219, cited in Governor Greg Abbott’s Bicentennial Blueprint agenda for Texas. HB
3219 prevents Texas’ independent school districts (ISDs) from hiring lobbyists or spending public
funds to join state associations that lobby. Recommendation seven of Governor Abbott’s “We The
People” segment of his gubernatorial campaign platform states, “School districts should directly
represent the needs of their communities before the legislature, and not waste taxpayer resources on
lobbyists.” Speaking to constituents, State Representative Shaheen said, “I am honored to be
carrying a signature portion of the Governor’s agenda. I wholeheartedly agree with the belief of our
state’s Chief Executive that taxpayers’ education dollars belong in the classroom to help educate our
children.” Locally elected ISD officials will still be able to advocate on behalf of their district under
the proposed legislation.

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