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Wu Joins Effort to Combat Underage Drinking Texas High School Seniors Vie for $10,000 in Educational Scholarships  print page

by: Rep. Wu, Gene

Representative Wu is encouraging graduating high school seniors to submit poster designs for a scholarship contest sponsored by the Texas Hospitality Association (THA) in the organization’s campaign against underage drinking.

THA will award a generous $10,000 to the four winners and potentially showcase their posters on highway billboards conveying the theme: “If you are under 21, it’s illegal to consume or purchase alcoholic beverages in Texas.”

“Not only does this scholarship offer students an excellent opportunity to pay for college, it also encourages young people to create an innovative message that speaks against underage drinking and irresponsible alcohol consumption,” said Wu. “I am very excited to support THA’s scholarship competition by spreading the word.”

According to the National Institutes of Health, the leading cause of fatalities for people under the age of 21 is death from injuries, which is heavily influenced by underage drinking. Irresponsible alcohol consumption among underage people conclusively contributes to high-risk sexual activity and increases in physical assault and rape. Keeping the legal drinking age limit at 21 helps to protect young people from the dangers associated with alcohol, including alcohol dependence and long-term alcohol-related repercussions on the brain.

“I hope that the scholarship contestants feel immense pride for helping to promote a critical message about alcohol responsibility,” said Wu. “THA is doing a fantastic job encouraging young people to get involved in a very serious issue that Texans care deeply about.”

The contest is open to all 2015 Texas high school seniors. Artwork must be an original design and may be computer or electronically generated, hand drawn or photographed. Students have until May 1 to submit their poster to THA.

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