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State Representative James White Lays Out Vital Legislation in Committees 
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by: Rep. White, James

Austin, TX - Early Monday morning, the State Capitol hosted the Defense of Texas Marriage Amendment Rally. In 2005, the House passed the Defense of Marriage Act to amend the constitution; the rally commemorated the 10 year anniversary of its passage. The sanctity of marriage is an important issue, which is why I have authored House Bill 547, which relates to the creation and dissolution of a covenant marriage. I have also co-authored HB 623, HB 1745, HB 3567, HB 3602, and HB 4105 all of which stand firmly on the sanctity of marriage and the issuance of marriage licenses. Because the people of Texas adopted traditional marriage, one man and one woman, into the Constitution in 2005 and I have taken an oath to uphold the Constitution, I stand firmly for the sanctity of marriage.

Monday was also the Texas Academy of Physician Assistants Day on the Hill. I had the pleasure of hosting several pre-physician assistants from College Station. These future medical professionals brought forth concerns about expediting patient care to better take care of Southeast Texans. I appreciate them coming by my office and bringing these issues to my attention.

On Tuesday, the Texas Catholic Conference took place at the Capitol. Bishop Guillory, from the Diocese of Beaumont, came by to visit my office. It was a pleasure meeting with such a passionate religious leader. The Catholics represented their faith and the conservative values that they stand for during the visit. I am proud to stand for religious freedom in Texas.

Tuesday, I was honored to meet with Dawn Ozan, of Kirbyville, and Laura Little to discuss Long Term Health Facilities in Southeast Texas. I believe this is an important issue for our families to decide what is best for our elderly citizens including giving them the best possible care that we can.

The House Committee on Juvenile Justice and Family Issues met on Wednesday. During this week’s committee hearing I was honored to lay out HB 431 that would create an advisory committee to look over the management and accessibility of juvenile records. This is an important piece of legislation that would help the state review Chapter 58 of the Family Code. Chapter 58 is the code that sets the guidelines for the collection of records by law enforcement and juvenile justice personnel. During the previous sessions, the Legislature has passed affecting these records making it hard to navigate and impossible to access records. Currently, a person applying for college who needed access to their records would not be able to. This is something that the Legislature needs to change and address. The advisory committee would find problems such as this and aid in creating recommendations to revise this chapter of the Family Code.

The following day, I was also able to bring up HB 810 in the Public Education subcommittee, Educator Quality. HB 810 allows for people who hold professional qualifications and licensing standards for their field in areas of career and technology to be allowed, per the Commissioner of Education, to teach an entry level course in that field at a public high school. This is legislation that would allow schools to benefit from the experience and knowledge these professionals hold without having to unnecessarily burden the professionals with a required Bachelor’s degree and teaching certificate.

Upon adjournment, I laid out HB 1150 before the County Affairs committee. This is a simple piece of legislation that would allow fireworks to be sold during certain holidays. These include Texas Independence Day and San Jacinto Day, both very important historical dates for the State of Texas, and Memorial Day, a day that commemorates those who given the ultimate sacrifice. It is important to commemorate dates such as this just as much as we celebrate the 4th of July.

The House stands adjourned until Monday at 2 p.m.

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