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Taking Elections To A New Frontier 
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by: Rep. Herrero, Abel

Austin ¬- Rep. Abel Herrero, Robstown, filed legislation (HB 3267 and HB 3269) to streamline and improve voter registration and election day polling.

"As individuals, we are constantly looking for new innovations to streamline and improve our everyday lives. To that end, these bills would help modernize and augment current voting practices to create a more efficient system," said Rep. Herrero. In an effort to save taxpayer's time and money, HB 3267 would direct the voter registrar to automatically register to vote all eligible persons who apply for, or renew, their driver's license or personal ID through DPS. The proposed change would maximize existing resources that are already used to register eligible voters who request to opt-in. Currently, when a voter registers at the DMV their eligibility information (name, age, address, citizenship etc.) is electronically sent to the Secretary of State, and then to the corresponding election offices at the county level. HB 3267 would simply establish an opt-out voter registration system so that more people are registered to vote, and ultimately voice their opinions by casting their ballots in upcoming elections.

"We should always explore ways to be more efficient with state resources, especially improving the efficiency of the elections process," Rep. Herrero said. "Moreover, by making it easier for voters to register, we can further encourage greater civic engagement."

Furthering his efforts to streamline voting practices, Rep. Herrero proposed an additional bill (HB 3269) which would expand the Countywide Polling Place Program. The Program allows voters the convenience of casting their ballots at "super-precincts," which are large polling places that eligible voters in the county can vote at during elections. Under current Texas law, only ten counties can participate in the Program during each election. If passed, HB 3269 would remove the limitation on how many counties could participate in the Program. This would allow more voters to simply go to the nearest countywide polling place to vote if they found themselves far from their designated polling place on election day.

Rep. Herrero is now serving in his fifth term as a member of the Texas House of Representatives. He currently chairs the House Committee on Criminal Jurisprudence and serves on the House Committee on Energy Resources. He represents District 34, which includes Robstown, Bishop, Banquete, Petronila, Agua Dulce, Driscoll and parts of Corpus Christi and Sandia.

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