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by: Rep. Lucio III, Eddie

AUSTIN— This week, House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dennis Bonnen filed HB 11, a bill addressing transnational cartel and gang criminal activity in Texas. Representative Eddie Lucio III is working as a Joint Author with Chairman Bonnen in addressing key issues the State faces from this criminal activity.

“I want to thank Chairman Bonnen for his bipartisan approach to solving these statewide problems,” said Lucio. “The Chairman [Bonnen] recognizes cartel violence and criminal activity are not problems solely for border communities."

Rep. Lucio, Chairman Bonnen, and other members are working diligently to protect Texans from heinous criminal activity. The legislation provides for additional DPS personnel, enhanced communication between law enforcement, southbound checkpoints, a criminal intelligence unit, and penalties for such criminal activity.

“The entire state is plagued by the drugs, human smuggling, and violence the cartels and narco-traffickers perpetrate,” said Lucio. “This is not just a border problem. The cartels and the gangs associated with them have a presence in all major Texas cities, and this legislation is aimed at disabling their criminal networks.”

House Bill 11 is part of a widespread initiative to reduce human and drug trafficking in Texas. Rep. Lucio is continuing to work closely with Chairman Bonnen on this issue during the legislative session.

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