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by: Rep. White, James

Austin, TX - Monday, the Legislature recognized February 23rd as University of Houston System Day at the State Capitol. It was an honor to have my graduate school alma mater recognized on the House Floor.

Tuesday, I had the distinct opportunity to discuss the progress of the session with our state senator, Robert Nichols. He and I had a very productive conversation about boosting and supercharging our Southeast Texas economy, broadening educational opportunities for our school children and maintaining safe communities by securing our Texas borders. It is a great honor to serve alongside Senator Nichols.

Moreover, I had the opportunity this week to meet with Candice Herman from Lumberton, Texas, to discuss the profession of nursing. Nurses are dedicated medical professionals and they are essential in improving health care access in Southeast Texas. The dedication and compassion they display every day in their work is highly honorable, extremely demanding, and absolutely critical to the health care of our citizens.

On Thursday morning, the House Committee on Corrections conducted its first hearing. As Vice Chair of this committee, I look forward to working with Chairman Jim Murphy to explore options on how to provide public safety, assist victims of crime, and promote positive change in offender behavior.
The first hearing House Select Committee on Emerging Issues with Texas Law Enforcement met Thursday afternoon. During the hearing, we heard testimony from state law enforcement agencies and law enforcement organizations. These public safety officers informed the committee about their resource needs and identified public safety challenges. Overall, the testimony from these law enforcement officers reminded my colleagues of their dedication and sacrifice in maintaining safe communities throughout the Lone Star State. This will be an important committee to assure that each Texas law enforcement officer is provided with the necessary and appropriate tools and protocols to increase public safety for all Texans, along with educating our fellow citizens on the constitutional role and purpose of our law enforcement professionals. I will work to my best ability to support the officers of Southeast Texas in their efforts to keep our communities safe.

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