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Rep. James White Retired Teachers Press Release  print page

by: Rep. White, James

Austin, TX - The House Committee on Appropriations met to discuss funding relating to the retired teachers fund. State Representative James White agrees with Chairman John Otto's remarks at the hearing that the state must appreciate and value our retired teachers.

"Texas teachers are a vital force of Southeast Texas and are a huge part in shaping the future leaders of Texas. It is our duty as legislators to maintain our promise to fund the shortages of their retirement health care plan for these great Texans."

"Often, the Texas Legislature boasts that we are not D.C. (the United States Congress). We balance our budgets and seek bi-partisan efforts on behalf of Texans. But also, part of not being like D.C. is funding our obligations, and not having huge unfunded legacy balances (like Social Security)," said State Rep. White.

Representative White is pleased to hear that Chairman Otto will address the shortages and continue to assess long-term solutions in the committee for those who served our state and school children throughout the years.

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