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Rep. Celia Israel Congratulates her Policy Advisor On Making Texas History 
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by: Rep. Israel, Celia

Austin- Rep. Celia Israel is thrilled and excited for her staff member, Sarah Goodfriend, and her new wife, Suzanne Bryant on today's historic marriage in Travis County:

"I am so happy for Sarah Goodfriend and Suzanne Bryant today. After over 30 years of being committed to one another, they are finally legally married under the laws of the State of Texas. They love their family. They love our community. And I know they are thrilled to get married in the state they are proud to call home."

Sarah Goodfriend, who serves as a policy advisor in Rep. Israel's office, said today was "the most wonderful day of my life." After her daughter was concerned about missing history class, Sarah's new wife, Suzanne Bryant assured her that "We'll be making history."

Rep. Israel hopes this is the first step towards every same-sex couple earning full equality under the law. "Someday, we won't have the 'chaos' that exists today when it comes to gay marriage. Someday, love and commitment to one another will trump gender. Love will be recognized as love."

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