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Representative Mary E. González Addresses Sexual Assault on College Campuses  print page

by: Rep. González, Mary

AUSTIN, TX – Representative Mary E. González has introduced House Bills 1672 and 1744 to address the epidemic of sexual assault on college campuses.

• Every 21 hours there is a rape on an American college campus.
• The American Civil Liberties Union estimates that 95% of U.S. campus rapes go unreported.
• It is estimated that almost 25 percent of college women have been victims of rape or attempted rape since the age of 14.

Both bills create more awareness and information so that proactive steps can be taken to address sexual assault on college campuses. House Bill 1672 will require Texas public universities to request the disciplinary records of any transfer student applicant’s previous schools. The sharing of this student information will allow campus officials to develop steps to prevent repetitive campus assaults. In addition, House Bill 1744 will direct the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board to establish a voluntary survey for Texas public institutions to administer to graduating students, in order to have more accurate data regarding campus sexual assaults.

“Our colleges and universities exist to provide a safe space for students to pursue their education,” Representative Mary E. González said. “These pieces of legislation are common sense policy changes that will insure that campuses have the adequate information on instances of sexual assault to effectively address this crime.”
For more information on the bill, please contact Genevieve Cato, Legislative Director, at (512) 463-0613.

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