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Representative Shaheen fights tolling of US 75 with new legislation  print page

by: Rep. Shaheen, Matt

AUSTIN, TX—Defending Collin County taxpayers and drivers, State Representative Matt Shaheen
(Collin County) filed a bill giving the Collin County Commissioners Court a voice on new toll
projects in the county. House Bill 1183 prevents TxDOT from unilaterally tolling roads through
comprehensive development agreements (CDAs) without approval from a Commissioners Court in
the county where the project is located. Speaking in support of his bill, Representative Shaheen said,
“Counties have been left-out of the CDA planning process that routinely ignores major citizen
opposition. This legislation will give our county a voice on this issue. We will not sit-back and let
TxDOT toll a free road in Collin County.” The legislation is aimed at stopping a planned toll lane
proposal for US 75.

Representative Matt Shaheen resides in Plano, Texas and serves the citizens of District 66,
which encompasses west Plano and far north Dallas, in the Texas House of
Representatives. Previously, Representative Shaheen served for five years as a County
Commissioner for Precinct 1 of Collin County.

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