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Representative Shaheen files bill to end taxpayer funded lobbying in Texas  print page

by: Rep. Shaheen, Matt

AUSTIN, TX—Standing with taxpayers across the state of Texas, State Representative Matt
Shaheen (Collin County) filed a bill to end taxpayer funded lobbying by local governments and
other public entities. HB 1257 expressly prohibits local governments, as well as toll road authorities,
transit authorities, and regional mobility authorities from spending taxpayer dollars to hire lobbyists.
Speaking on his bill, Representative Shaheen told constituents, “For too long, our state has failed to
hold local entities to the same standard as state agencies in preventing a major conflict of interest,
and prohibiting a practice that is abusive to taxpayers.” The bill will not in any way prevent local
elected officials from voicing their opinion on matters pending before the legislature.
Representative Matt Shaheen resides in Plano, Texas and serves the citizens of District 66,
which encompasses west Plano and far north Dallas, in the Texas House of
Representatives. Previously, Representative Shaheen served five years as County
Commissioner for Precinct 1 of Collin County.

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