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by: Rep. Simmons, Ron

AUSTIN – On Wednesday, State Representative Ron Simmons (Carrollton) was appointed to serve on the House Transportation Committee for the 84th Legislative Session.

"I am honored to serve the people of Texas in this capacity," Simmons said upon hearing of his appointment to the Transportation Committee. "As an elected official from North Texas, one of the fastest growing regions in the United States, I have personally witnessed the effect massive population growth has had on our state's transportation infrastructure. I look forward to working hard with my fellow committee members to find meaningful and lasting solutions for Texas' unique transportation needs."

During the interim, Simmons served on the House Select Committee on Transportation Funding, Expenditures and Finance. Among the committee's recommendations to the 84th Texas Legislature were discontinuing the issuance of additional debt from the Texas Mobility Fund and ending transfers from the State Highway Fund for purposes other than acquiring rights-of-way, constructing or maintain public roadways.

"As a member of the Select Transportation Committee," Simmons continued, "I came to understand that there are really two big issues facing the Texas transportation system. Most people have heard more funding is needed.
But the bigger concern to me is the process by which transportation projects are selected for funding. If we are going to allocate more taxpayer dollars to transportation, we need to be more than confident that these funds will be administrated in an objective, transparent manner with accountability for every dollar spent."

In addition to the House Transportation Committee, Representative Simmons was also named Vice Chairman of the House Business & Industry Committee.

"It will be a privilege to serve on the Transportation and Business and Industry Committees," Simmons concluded. "These committee assignments present me with an exciting opportunity to serve as a voice for my constituents on issues that are critical not only to House District 65, but to the entire state of Texas."

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