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Representative Shaheen seeks bond election transparency with new bill 
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by: Rep. Shaheen, Matt

AUSTIN, TX—Citing the explosion of local public debt in Texas, State Representative Matt
Shaheen (Collin County) filed a bill giving citizens more information on bond propositions.
House Bill 1182 will enable citizens to make more informed choices about local borrowing by
requiring local governments to disclose the amount of outstanding debt held by the jurisdiction on
every proposed bond measure. Representative Shaheen said, "It makes sense to know how much
you owe before borrowing more. Texans make the same choices every day in their own personal
finances--local governments should be no different." The legislation also requires local governments
to add the disclosure to a sample ballot posted on the internet before voters head to the polls.
Representative Matt Shaheen resides in Plano, Texas and serves the citizens of District 66,
which encompasses west Plano and far north Dallas, in the Texas House of
Representatives. Previously, Representative Shaheen served for five years as a County
Commissioner for Precinct 1 of Collin County.

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