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Rep. César Blanco Makes Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) a Priority  print page

by: Rep. Blanco, CÚsar

Blanco Files House Bill to Fund Much Needed Capital Projects at TTUHSC

Austin, TX: Representative César Blanco (76) kept his promise of making Texas Tech Health Science Center Medical School a priority and filed legislation to provide needed resources for the university. House Bill 918 would issue state tuition revenue bonds to help construct buildings on the campus including the El Paso Medical Science Building II and the El Paso Clinical Sciences Building. Blanco filed the House companion legislation (HB 918) to the Senate bill filed by Senator Jose Rodriguez (SB 162).

"We have an opportunity to usher El Paso into a period of unprecedented economic growth and opportunity," said Representative César J. Blanco. " Constructing these much-needed facilities at Texas Tech will help us improve access to health care, create jobs, increase economic development, and grow excellence. I'm thankful to Senator José Rodriguez for his leadership and I look forward to working with him to ensure that El Paso's institutions of higher education get the resources they need. "

Dr. Richard Lange, Founding President of TTUHSC El Paso added, "As El Paso continues to grow and prosper, expansion at the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center El Paso is a natural step forward, facilitating the community needs through an educational, economic, and technological infusion. We must invest further to build on the progress already made."

The El Paso Medical Science Building II will provide a new research facility in conjunction with the new four-year medical school, nursing school and the developing School of Biomedical Sciences. The project will provide research laboratories, lecture halls and classrooms, offices and teaching space for the schools. The construction of this building will facilitate the institution's ability to meet the growing needs of the academic programs and research by addressing the chronic border health issues and targeting diseases such as diabetes, obesity, depression and infectious diseases.

The El Paso Clinical Sciences Building will accommodate the growth of the Medical and Nursing Schools, the needs of the new El Paso Children's Hospital, and the increased patient growth in the community. The building will house clinical training and education space, clinic patient space, administrative staff, and related support space such as offices and conference rooms.

The expansion will enhance the institution's ability to meet the growing needs of the academic programs and research that help address the chronic border health issues of one of the largest cities in Texas.

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