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by: Rep. Anchia, Rafael

HCR 40 would encourage other states to adopt legislation similar to HB 1403

(Austin) -- Today, Rep. Rafael Anchia (Dallas) filed HCR 40 in support of the Texas DREAM Act. The Texas DREAM Act, filed as HB 1403 by former Rep. Rick Noriega (Houston) and passed with bipartisan support in 2001, allows in-state tuition for undocumented residents who meet certain requirements. HCR 40 was filed in response to bills that have been filed this session that would eliminate or in some way restrict the provisions of HB 1403.

“I intend to ask my colleagues to support this resolution,” says Rep. Anchia. “The young people of this state who have been helped by HB 1403 include valedictorians, honor students and student body leaders; their only ambition is to continue their education and become responsible, contributing members of their state."

HCR 40 affirms support for the Texas DREAM Act and recognizes that it has inspired more than a dozen other states to extend in-state rates to these immigrant students. In addition, the resolution cites a 2006 report by the Texas Comptroller which established that undocumented immigrants generated more in state revenue than they received in state services, and notes that the Texas DREAM Act provides a commonsense approach to ensuring that intelligent and enterprising youth have access to the training and education that businesses need.

“By continuing to invest in our young leaders, we are not only fulfilling Texas’ promise as a land of opportunity, but also strengthening our state’s economic competitiveness by building upon the talents of our students, " added Rep. Ana Hernandez (Houston), a joint author of the resolution.

Bill Hammond, CEO of the Texas Association of Business and a supporter of the Texas DREAM Act, pointed out that, from a business standpoint, it would be a huge mistake to repeal HB 1403.
"It is important for every Texan to get a job and to be a productive member of society," he said. "We have enormous skill gaps across the state and these hard-working young people will help fill those gaps."

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