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by: Rep. Simmons, Ron

Resolution Proposes Constitutional Amendment to Impose Term Limits on Legislative and State Offices

CARROLLTON – State Representative Ron Simmons filed House Joint Resolution 46 to limit State Senators and Representatives, the Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, Comptroller, Land Commissioner, Agriculture Commissioner and Railroad Commissioner to a maximum of three terms, regardless of whether or not the terms are served consecutively.

"I believe our Founding Fathers envisioned a nation governed by citizen legislators, not career politicians," said Simmons. "This constitutional amendment, if passed by the legislature and supported on the ballot by Texas voters, would ensure Texas is governed in this manner. As it's often said, 'as Texas goes, so go goes the country,' so my hope is that Washington DC will follow our lead and impose much needed term limits on members of Congress."

HJR 46 also extends the term length for Texas State Senators from two or four years to six, and the term length for State Representatives from two year to four. Under the provisions of the legislation, one-third of State Senators and one-half of State Representatives would be elected every other year. Current law requires Senators to cast lots so that half of the Senators are up for election after two years and the other half after four.

"With two year terms for all State Representatives and half of the Senators, legislators are often forced to spend nearly half of their terms campaigning," Simmons added. "By extending the term length, legislators will be able to spend more time focused on serving their constituents rather than campaigning for votes."

If HJR 46 receives support from two-thirds of House and Senate Members, the proposition to amend the Texas Constitution will be placed on the ballot on November 3, 2015 according to the provisions of the legislation.

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