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Rep. Charles “Doc” Anderson Appointed Co-Chair of the Firearms and Ammunition Manufacturers Recruitment Committee 
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by: Rep. Anderson, Charles "Doc"

Austin, Texas – State Representative Charles "Doc" Anderson and State Senator Craig Estes were recently appointed as Co-Chairmen of the Joint Interim Committee to Study Firearms and Ammunition Manufacturers Recruitment. This bi-partisan committee, comprised of eight House members and seven Senate members, will work together to study ways the legislature can recruit firearm and ammunition manufacturers to Texas.

The firearms and ammunition industry created more than $30 billion in economic activity in 2012. In addition, this industry employs nearly 100,000 hardworking Americans, with more than 26,000 of those jobs being created within the past two years. The recent addition and expansions of companies such as Magpul, Colt Competition, and O.F. Mossberg & Sons has generated many positive employment and economic opportunities in Texas.

"Over the past few years, gun and ammunition makers have been looking to move their companies out of the increasingly restrictive states they currently reside in." Rep. Anderson stated. "Texas with its low-taxes, low-regulation and pro-gun mindset offers the perfect business climate for these companies. I am honored to serve as Co-Chairman of this committee to help bring a larger share of this multi-billion dollar industry to Texas."

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