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State Representative Charles “Doc” Anderson Welcomes SpaceX Commercial Launch Facility to Texas 
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by: Rep. Anderson, Charles "Doc"

Austin, Texas – Governor Rick Perry announced Monday afternoon, the state's incentive package to bring the world's first, private vertical commercial launch facility to Texas. The state has offered $2.3 million from the Texas Enterprise Fund (TEF). This investment will lead to 300 new jobs, and add an additional $85 million in capital investment to the Cameron County economy.

"We welcome this announcement from Governor Perry and SpaceX, and the potential that it offers the nation and Texas with the development of near space. In particular, the economic development opportunities for Central Texas that could result if the SpaceX footprint at McGregor is expanded. Currently, the McGregor facility employs over 250 Central Texas residents." Rep. Anderson said. "It is my hope that the addition of the Boca Chica launch facility and the expansion of the SpaceX company profile in Texas will lead to growth of the McGregor facility, the local job market, and provide further economic stimulus."

The facility will soon call 100 acres in Cameron County it's home. Located five miles just south of South Padre Island, the Boca Chica Beach launch facility will bring tremendous economic opportunities to the area, and keep Texas at the forefront of Space technology and exploration.

"SpaceX is excited to expand our work in Texas with the world's first commercial launch complex designed specifically for orbital missions. We appreciate the support of Gov. Perry and numerous other federal, state and local officials who have partnered with us to make this vision a reality," SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said. "In addition to creating hundreds of high tech jobs for the Texas workforce, this site will inspire students, expand the supplier base and attract tourists to the south Texas area."

From economic development and tourism, to collaboration with local universities and schools with a focus on STEM development, the doors of opportunities that this facility will open are limitless.

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