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State Rep. Dan Huberty Promotes Dyslexia Grant for Humble ISD 
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by: Rep. Huberty, Dan

Humble, TX - Texas State Representative and former Humble ISD school board member, Dan Huberty, and wife, Janet, are making sure dyslexia does not keep students from reaching their full potential by awarding grants for educational programs aimed at the disability.

The Huberty's are very familiar with the issues dyslexic students face, as their own son, Ryan, was diagnosed with severe dyslexia in the second grade. He struggled in school and frequently became frustrated with his teachers, fellow students and even his parents. His proper diagnosis allowed for the correct treatment, from which, Ryan has made great strides in overcoming his disability. Representative Huberty said, “Ryan has worked hard to overcome his disability, and has been very successful in school. Having been through this as a family, we want to assist other students in addressing their frustrations with dyslexia.”

Because of their experience, the Huberty's created and funded an educational grant through the Humble ISD Education Foundation dedicated to helping students with dyslexia in Humble ISD. Over the last three years, the Ryan J. Huberty Grant has financed four educational projects. The 2014 grant recipients, Tyler Beth Pink of Atascocita Middle School and Holly Boyet of Humble High School, were presented their awards last month.

Both grants will be used to implement new technologies this fall titled "Beating Dyslexia" and "Language Tune UP" in the classroom that students can use to help change the way they read and write. If successful, the programs may be implemented across the district to help hundreds of students. "It is vital to allow teachers access to programs like these, as they allow for early identification and will help students, like Ryan, to overcome this learning disability," said Janet Huberty.

“This is one way for our family to give back to the teachers who took an interest in our son’s education,” explained Representative Huberty, "and we hope this will highlight how important this issue is for our community." Representative and Mrs. Huberty encourage other community members to get involved in the Humble ISD Education Foundation Grant process and donate to the Ryan J. Huberty fund, on behalf of all dyslexic students.
If you would like to support students with dyslexia, please consider making a donation today at this link:

(Photo from left to right: Representative Dan Huberty, wife Janet Huberty, son Ryan Huberty and his teacher Tyler Beth Pink)

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