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Historic 2nd Amendment Legislation Goes Into Effect  print page

by: Rep. Flynn, Dan

AUSTIN - The Texas House of Representatives passed a number of legislative measures designed to protect the Second Amendment rights of Texas citizens and to enhance provisions of the Concealed Handgun License laws. Many of the laws went into effect this past Sunday, September 1. Those that did not pass, did receive a large amount of media attention and helped encourage debate and dialogue over the right to bear arms.

Despite numerous attempts to stop consideration of the bills, the measures passed with strong support from GOP legislators like State Representative Dan Flynn (Van) who is known as a Second Amendment Champion for the rights of all Texans to keep and bear arms. "It is well worth protecting the 2nd Amendment rights of the citizens of Texas from State or Federal intrusion," said Representative Flynn.

• Senate Bill 864 by Representative Dan Flynn (Canton) and Senator Donna Campbell (New Braunfels) reduces the minimum number of required classroom training hours for an original CHL from 10-15 to 4-6 hours, making it far more convenient for license applicants to exercise their right to self-defense. This new hour requirement became effective September 1.

• House Bill 48 by Representative Flynn streamlines the process for renewal of a CHL by eliminating the continuing education requirement and handgun proficiency demonstration. License holders would still be required to renew their licenses every five years, but they would be provided an informational form regarding firearm and deadly force laws, which must be signed and submitted with the renewal application. This renewal process went into effect September 1.

• House Bill 972, The "Campus Carry Bill," would have allowed concealed handgun license holders to carry on the premises of public institutions of higher education. The goal of HB 972 was to provide students, faculty, and visitors on educational campuses the Second Amendment protections that may be necessary in life-threatening situations. This bill promotes the right of individuals to protect themselves, along with their fellow students and co- workers. This bill did not pass both chambers and will not be enacted into law.

• House Bill 700, one of the most contested pieces of gun legislation filed this session would have allowed the open carry of firearms by a certified CHL holder. This bill did not pass both chambers and will not be enacted into law.

Alice Tripp, Legislative Director for the Texas State Rifle Association, praised Flynn's dedication to protecting Second Amendment rights, "We appreciate Representative Flynn's commitment to the Texas State Rifle Association and to Texas gun owners. His legislation is very important because it streamlines and enhances the concealed hand gun license process." Representative Flynn received an "A+" rating from both the Texas State Rifle Association and the National Rifle Association for his work protecting the Second Amendment Rights of Texans.

"In Texas we have more than a decade and a half of data showing that CHL holders are far less likely to commit crimes and that they are eager for the opportunity to responsibly use and carry their weapons for the protection of themselves and their families," said Representative Flynn.

For more information on the implementation of these new CHL laws, or for direction on where and how you can take advantage of these new streamlined requirements, contact the Department of Public Safety or visit their website,

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