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Capitol Update 9 
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by: Rep. Sanford, Scott

Dear Friend:

The Third Special Session of the 83rd Legislature has finally adjourned. The major legislation passed during this special session was House Bill 1 (H.B.1)-concerning transportation funding.

As you know, our state has grown exponentially in population through economic expansion, and we must have transportation infrastructure to support this growth. I believe that transportation infrastructure investment must be implemented with no toll roads, no new taxes, and no additional debt, because of this, I am pleased with H.B. 1 This important legislation is a step toward giving Texas the best road system in the Nation.

Now that the Legislature stands adjourned “sine die” - Latin for “without fixing a day for future action or meeting” - I am happy to return home to my family and to the people of District 70.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions about transportation funding or any other legislation that the Legislature has been working on at 512-463-0356. You can also follow me on Facebook at or on Twitter @Scott_SanfordTX.

For God and Texas,

Scott Sanford, HD 70

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