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Rep. Workman Applauds Signing of H.B. 2  print page

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AUSTIN – State Representative Paul Workman today joined his House and Senate colleagues as Governor Rick Perry signed H.B. 2 into law.

"I am proud to stand for protecting women's health," said Rep. Workman. "I believe the first responsibility of government is to protect life, especially that of the most vulnerable among us."

H.B. 2 raises the level of care for women by requiring abortion facilities to meet the same safety standards as ambulatory surgical centers. The new law also requires doctors who perform these procedures to be properly credentialed at a nearby hospital.

Perhaps the most sweeping reform included in this bill is the prohibition of abortion after five months of pregnancy. Science has shown that this is the point during pregnancy at which a baby is able to feel pain.

"I value all life," continued Rep. Workman. "If we will not speak for those who have no voice; if we will not stand for those who cannot stand on their own; if we will not fight for the most vulnerable among us, who will?"

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