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by: Rep. Johnson, Eric

AUSTIN, TX – When Texas House Speaker Joe Straus announced committee assignments last Thursday, members of the Young Texans Legislative Caucus (YTLC) were big winners. 4 were named committee chairs, and 7 members received 8 vice chairmanships (Representative Eric Johnson, chairman of the YTLC, was named vice chair of two separate committees).

Some of the key assignments include 5 members of the budget-writing Appropriations Committee; 5 members of the Energy Resources Committee; 4 on the Human Services Committee, which oversees the Health and Human Services Commission; 4 on Local & Consent Calendars, which schedules bills that are either local or uncontested for floor votes; and 3 on the Natural Resources Committee, which will be leading the effort to get Texas on track to achieving an adequate water supply this session.

This session, 3 members of the YTLC will also serve on the powerful Calendars Committee, which is in charge of scheduling bills to be heard on the House floor once they are passed out of the committee.

Additionally, Rep. Dennis Bonnen of the YTLC was named speaker pro tempore, a position charged with fulfilling the duties of the speaker in the event of his absence from the House floor.

"The committee assignments of members of the YTLC are excellent, although I would like to have seen greater YTLC representation on the 2 education-related committees, Higher Education and Public Education,” said Representative Eric Johnson (Dallas), the YTLC Chair, who also serves as the Vice Chair of the Natural Resources Committee. "As YTLC members work together to forge a better future for Texas, we will have a strong voice at the committee level on many of the most crucial issues facing our state,” he continued.

The YTLC will focus its efforts this session on legislation related to public and higher education, water, transportation, and infrastructure.

The Young Texans Legislative Caucus is open to members of the Texas House of Representatives who are 40 years of age or younger, as well as members who represent a district where the percentage of the population 40 years of age or younger exceeds the state average of 58%.

A full list of YTLC members and their committee assignments follows:

Agriculture & Livestock: Mary Gonzalez
Appropriations: Stefani Carter; Sarah Davis; Sergio Munoz, Jr.; Marisa Marquez; John Zerwas
Business & Industry: Eddie Rodriguez; Armando Walle
Calendars: Eddie Lucio III (VC); Sarah Davis; Dan Branch
County Affairs: Mary Gonzalez; Ana Hernandez Luna
Criminal Procedure Reform, Select: Stefani Carter; Joe Moody
Criminal Jurisprudence: Lon Burnam; Terry Canales; Stefani Carter (VC); Jeff Leach; Joe Moody
Culture, Recreation, & Tourism: Ryan Guillen (C)
Defense & Veterans' Affairs: Joe Moody
Economic & Small Business Development: Jason Isaac; Eddie Rodriguez
Elections: Eric Johnson; Ron Simmons; Gene Wu
Energy Resources: Lon Burnam; Terry Canales; Chris Paddie; Gene Wu; J.M. Lozano
Environmental Regulation: Jason Isaac; Marisa Marquez (VC); Ron Reynolds
Federalism & Fiscal Responsibility, Select: Armando Walle; Eddie Lucio III
General Investigating & Ethics: Naomi Gonzalez; Eric Johnson (VC); John Zerwas (C)
Government Efficiency & Reform: Van Taylor
Higher Education: Dan Branch (C); Armando Martinez
Homeland Security & Public Safety: Kenneth Sheets; Ron Simmons
House Administration: Lance Gooden; Marisa Marquez
Human Services: Pat Fallon; Naomi Gonzalez (VC); Scott Sanford; John Zerwas
Insurance: Sergio Munoz, Jr.; Kenneth Sheets; Van Taylor
International Trade & Intergovernmental Affairs: J.M. Lozano (VC)
Judiciary & Civil Jurisprudence: Lance Gooden; Ana Hernandez Luna
Land & Resource Management: Chris Paddie; Armando Walle (VC)
Licensing & Administrative Procedures: Lance Gooden; Ryan Guillen
Local & Consent Calendars: Armando Martinez; Joe Moody; Sergio Munoz, Jr.; Kenneth Sheets
Natural Resources: Dennis Bonnen; Eric Johnson (VC); Eddie Lucio III
Pensions: Dan Branch
Public Education: Justin Rodriguez
Public Health: Sarah Davis
Rules & Resolutions: Jason Isaac (VC); Jeff Leach; J.M. Lozano
Special Purpose Districts: Dennis Bonnen (C); Eddie Lucio III
Technology: Pat Fallon; Ron Reynolds
Transparency in State Agency Operations, Select: Naomi Gonzalez; Eric Johnson
Transportation: Armando Martinez (VC)
Urban Affairs: Jeff Leach; Justin Rodriguez; Scott Sanford
Ways & Means: Naomi Gonzalez

Contact: Richard Griffin

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