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Canton named "Walking Capital of Texas"  print page

by: Rep. Flynn, Dan

AUSTIN - Today, the Texas House of Representatives passed, on the Local & Consent Calendar, SCR13, officially naming the city of Canton the official walking capitol of Texas. Authored by Senator Bob Deuell and sponsored by Representative Dan Flynn (Van), the concurrent resolution was a step towards raising awareness not only for the healthy lifestyle of Northeast Texans but for the importance of healthy living and fighting obesity around the state.

"Canton is home to First Monday, a monthly trade day that brings nearly 150,000 people to Northeast Texas. Each visitor walks an average of 1.5 miles a day, equating to 5.4 billion steps a year JUST in Canton," said Representative Flynn after the bill passed 3rd reading on Friday. "Canton is a small town, but the attractions that draw the thousands of visitors is a healthy activity that everyone can benefit from."

Canton is part of the NETX Health Grant, Transforming Texas, aimed to promote healthy living through development of walkways, sidewalks and bike trails in an effort to fight obesity. Canton is one of the fastest growing retirement communities in East Texas and recognized as a healthy place to live and work.
"I was happy to work with Senator Deuell to recognize Canton as a leader in the movement to brand Northeast Texas as a healthy living destination," said Representative Flynn.

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