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Frullo's Legislation Passes Both Chambers 
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by: Rep. Frullo, John

AUSTIN- The 83rd Legislative Session is coming to an end, and two of State Representative John Frullo's (Lubbock) key measures have received approval of both legislative chambers. Soon, they will be heading toward the Governor's desk for his signature.

House Bill 2637 and Senate Bill 742, the Senate companion to Frullo's House Bill 1677, both continue Frullo's work in protecting children from those who wish to prey on them.

With the passage of HB 2637, sex offenders who are found guilty in court of having or attempting to have used false identifying information will now face increased punishment for those crimes.

"We have evidence of sex offenders committing identity theft in order to live under an assumed identity," Frullo said. "Offenders do this so that they may appear to be meeting court-imposed restrictions while continuing to commit offenses using someone else's name."

Another triumph this session is the passage of Senate Bill 742 by State Senator John Carona (Dallas) and Rep. Frullo. The bill improves the reporting and tracking of children who go missing. It also provides tools to proactively identify high-risk children to prevent them from becoming ensnared in the child sex trafficking trade.

"Last session, we passed Alicia's Law to give law enforcement more tools to stop perpetrators from committing crimes against children on the internet," Frullo said. "This session, Senator Carona and I continued that work. Passing SB 742 means that the state of Texas can now better identify children that are at risk for human trafficking."

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