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Rep. González presents bill to protect rural communities from toxic electronic waste  print page

by: Rep. González, Mary

Austin, TX—Yesterday, Representative Mary González presented a bill in front of the Environmental Regulation committee that would create a more efficient system to recycle electronic waste in Texas.

HB 1346 aims to reduce the burden placed on rural communities by providing a more readily available system for electronic waste to be returned. Electronic waste is most often improperly disposed of in landfills that are prone to leakage that then contaminate the air and water in surrounding areas. As technological innovation rapidly increases, HB 1346 is a proactive solution to manage the growing electronic waste in Texas.

"Most landfills are located out in rural areas, which means communities such as the one I represent are directly subject to the negative effects from electronic waste," said González. "These products contain harmful toxins like lead and mercury. This legislation extends the responsibility to retailers and manufacturers, to which all manufacturers involved in this industry must already comply."

"With each Texan generating about 15 pounds of e-waste per person per year and only 1.66 pounds recycled, we must increase access to promote smart disposal instead of placing the burden on our rural communities."

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