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Texas House of Representatives Passes House Bill 5  print page

by: Rep. White, James

Enhancing School Accountability, Reducing Standardized Testing, and Expanding Curriculum Options

AUSTIN, TEXAS– Today, House Bill 5, relating to public school accountability, including assessment and curriculum requirements, passed on the floor of the House of Representatives on second reading.

The legislation, authored by Public Education Committee Chairman Jimmie Don Aycock, seeks to reform education in several ways. The bill grants students more options when enrolling in classes, reduces the burden on Texas educators by significantly cutting the number of standardized tests, and establishes a rigorous academic system that can adapt to local interests and values.

“As a former educator, I find it important to ensure our teachers are able to educate students on information important to preparing them for their future, rather than preparing them for standardized testing. I am proud to have worked alongside my House colleagues to ensure we come out of this session giving our educators the ability to ready our school children for their next step, be that higher education, or workforce preparation,” said Representative White.

H.B. 5 gives students more options to pursue areas of study they find the most interesting, and helps guide them towards professional or educational pursuits that utilize their individual strengths. After a long day of discussion and debate of amendments, the final version of H.B. 5 passed in a near unanimous vote.

“In the previous session we asked Texas public schools to share the burden of a national economic downturn,” stated Representative White. “In the 83rd Session, we’ve taken a major step with HB 5 to decrease the bureaucracy emanating from both Austin and Washington, and to allow our school districts to exercise their discretion at a local level to educate our children in an effective manner.”

Representative White is a Member of the Texas House of Representatives on behalf of District 19, composed of Polk, Tyler, Jasper, Newton, and Hardin counties.

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