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by: Rep. Paddie, Chris

AUSTIN -- State Representative Chris Paddie (Marshall) has been appointed as the House of Representatives member of the Texas Bioenergy Policy Council.

"I am honored to have been selected as the House of Representatives member on the Texas Bioenergy Policy Council," said Rep. Paddie. "The Bioenergy Policy Council will play a vital role in ensuring that we are utilizing all of our resources as we strive for energy independence."

The Bioenergy Policy Council is charged with providing a vision for unifying Texas' energy and research strengths to encourage leading-edge research in the cellulosic- and bio-based energy fields as well as to foster the development of renewable natural gas. The Council aims to make Texas a leader in the renewable energy field which will further the long term goal of making Texas and the United States energy independent.

"I am pleased to appoint Representative Paddie to the Bioenergy Policy Council. Since he was elected to the Texas House, Rep. Paddie has proven to be capable and knowledgeable in the energy field and I expect him to do great work on the Council," said Speaker of the House Joe Straus on his appointment of Rep. Paddie to the Council.

"I look forward to working with members of the Council to find innovative solutions to the energy challenges faced by Texas. My work on the House Committee on Energy Resources will complement the charge of the Council and I look forward to helping Texas become a leader in commercializing the energy sources of tomorrow. By encouraging the continued production of oil and gas, while fostering complimentary technologies, we can ensure that Texas remains the energy capitol of the world."

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