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Committee on Homeland Security and Public Safety Hears Controversial Gun Legislation  print page

by: Rep. Flynn, Dan

AUSTIN - The Committee on Homeland Security and Public Safety met on Thursday to hear some of the most controversial pieces of gun legislation proposed this session. Seven of the sixteen pieces of legislation were set to be heard by the committee and specifically addressed the carrying of concealed handguns. After over ten hours of testimony the committee adjourned late Thursday night.

House Bill 700, one of the most contested bills heard, would allow the open carry of firearms by a certified CHL holder. Representative Dan Flynn (Van) is a joint author on HB700 and supports the intentions of the legislation. "I support the continuing efforts of private citizens to encourage and demand the protection and promotion of the Second Amendment in our great State," Flynn commented Thursday evening, "House Bill 700 is an example of the continued effort by legislators and their constituents to promote one of our most fundamental rights granted by the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights."

Also heard was House Bill 972, that introduces legislation allowing for the conceal and carry on college campuses. "Campus Carry", as it is commonly referred to, has been widely contested and publicly debated and proposes allowing licensed staff, students and others to carry concealed firearms on higher education campuses. House Bill 972 was heard along with three other similar pieces of legislation supporting the campus carry proposal. As the committee moved to close, Representative Flynn reflected on the purpose of the committee hearing, "The Second Amendment was not created for the purpose of allowing people the opportunity to hunt, fish or collect firearms; the purpose of the Second Amendment was to grant each and every individual the right to protect themselves from whoever and whatever they felt were a threat to their wellbeing. That fundamental right is why we were here today discussing these issues."

Each of these bills were held pending in the committee with consideration and vote by the members of the committee at the call of the Chair.

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