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Rep. Flynn Receives Committee Assignments for the 83rd Legislative Session  print page

by: Rep. Flynn, Dan

AUSTIN – Today, Texas House Speaker, Joe Straus, announced committee assignments for the 83rd Legislative Session. Representative Dan Flynn (Van), representing Hopkins, Hunt, and Van Zandt County, received three important committee appointments for the upcoming session:
• Co-Chair, House Select Committee on Transparency in State Agency Operations
• Vice-Chair, Investments and Financial Services
• Homeland Security and Public Safety
The newly created House Select Committee will oversee transparency in the reporting of financial transactions of judicial and executive state agencies and affiliated entities. This oversight shall include monitoring the operations of executive and judicial state agencies as well as affiliated agencies, entities, foundations, and related support groups.
For a number of years the legislature has had a General Investigating and Ethics Committee to investigate and examine legislative issues, but never had an investigative committee focused on other branches of government. In recognition of the fact that it is in the best interest of Texans to remain engaged and informed about the operations of all branches of government, and to encourage greater transparency in the expenditure of state funds, the committee will also monitor the hiring and compensation practices of judicial and executive state agencies, including any affiliated entities, whether public or private. This committee shall also oversee the purchasing decisions made by judicial and executive state agencies and affiliated entities.
Representative Flynn was named Vice-Chairman of Investments and Financial Services, a position his background lends much experience and knowledge to. Representative Flynn's service as Deputy Banking Commissioner for the State of Texas, as the Chief Regulator for the State Banking Department, will be extremely valuable to help local banks deal with the burdens of the Dodd Frank Financial Reform Act, and other federal mandates. “I have spent a lifetime in the banking industry and have served in every capacity. I am honored and privileged to be able to continue to work within the financial industry.” Representative Flynn lead the Task Force that recodified the Texas Banking Code of 1943 into the Texas Banking Act of 1995, which Texas banks continue to operate under today.
Representative Flynn will also continue his role on the Committee of Homeland Security and Public Safety. “Homeland Security and Public Safety will address all legislation dealing with Second Amendment rights, including oversight over Department of Public Safety, Department of Parks and Wildlife, the Texas Military

Forces, and all aspects of homeland and border security. I anticipate this committee to be a very active one,” Representative Flynn commented shortly after receiving his appointments.
“I look forward to serving the people of Texas and the constituents of House District 2 on these important committees. And looking forward to working with the Speaker and members of the Legislature,” Representative Flynn remarked after the House adjourned Thursday.

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