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Frullo Files Bill to Curtail Attempted Abduction of Children 
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by: Rep. Frullo, John

AUSTIN—Continuing his work to fight the exploitation of children, State Representative John Frullo (Lubbock) filed House Bill 1677. The measure aims to provide law enforcement with more information necessary to protect children from abduction.

Currently, no single uniformed process exists in Texas for submitting reports of attempted child abduction. House Bill 1677 creates a system for all law enforcement agencies in the state to report instances of child abduction. The system will alert officers and the public of potential dangers in the community.

"As I continued my work to protect our state's children against predators throughout the interim, I was stunned to learn how often child abductions are attempted in Texas," Frullo said. "A big defense against these unthinkable acts is quick access to information. My bill will give law enforcement officers access to needed information about abductions across the state."

House Bill 1677 will also allow officers to better identify children that habitually go missing by creating a flagging system. Identifying runaways as a vulnerable population through a flagging system has been shown to help curb domestic minor sex trafficking. It is estimated that 100,00 children are exploited through prostitution each year, and chronic runaways are the most susceptible to becoming victims of this horrible crime.

During the 82nd Legislative Session, Representative Frullo authored Alicia's Law, HB 3746, to give the Texas Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) task forces tools to go after child predators.

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