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by: Rep. King, Ken

AUSTIN, TEXAS Monday, State Representative Ken King (Canadian) co-authored HB 1383 with Representative Jim Keffer (Eastland) to better strengthen the Teacher Retirement System of Texas.

"Teachers shape our youth, spend countless hours dedicated to their work, and they do so on humble salaries. When teachers agreed to forgo accepting Social Security benefits, our state promised to contribute to their retirement fund to better help secure their futures," said Representative King, "I believe it's our duty to fulfill that promise, and I see taking steps to ensure the actuary soundness of our teachers' pension system as the most fiscally conservative decision for our state."

The Teacher Retirement System (TRS) is the largest public retirement system in Texas in both membership and assets. 95% of public school teachers forgo Social Security coverage to contribute to TRS. Although TRS is well-managed, losses in state funding have caused TRS to go underfunded in past years. Without an increase and other reforms, TRS faces financial problems that will continue to grow worse without a solution from the legislature.

"This is a bold step forward to help protect the active and retired school employees in Texas," King continued. With one out of every 20 Texans participating in TRS and 95 percent of all Texas active school employees not participating in Social Security, Representative Keffer's legislation helps ensure the long-term viability of this great pension fund.”

Ken King was elected to serve the citizens of District 88, which contains counties in both the South Plains and Panhandle sections of Texas, in November of 2012. He served as member of the Canadian ISD school board for 5 years and President for 3. He also serves as Vice President of King Well Service, Inc. a fifty-year-old, family run energy services firm based in Canadian, Texas.

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