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Representative White Files Bill Crucial to the East Texas Economy  print page

by: Rep. White, James

AUSTIN, TEXAS – January 28, 2013 – State Representative James White today filed HB 777, a bill which would provide critical regulatory relief for the Texas Forestry industry.

“This is a simple bill to save East Texas jobs and restore prosperity to our local communities,” said Representative White. “This bill is designed to keep our loggers on the road, keep them in business, and most importantly keep them loaded in a safe and legal way,”

The premise of the bill is to allow an increase in driver tandem axle weight from the current 38,080 lb. limit, to a limit of 44,000 lbs. A number of states with timber cutting and processing already have a driver tandem axle limit of 44,000 lbs.

The bill does not increase the gross allowable weight of a vehicle past the current 84,000 lbs. already in statute. This limit, while less than many of the other states with whom we compete in the timber industry, is one that does not inflict unusual damage to local roads.

“We are attempting to improve the chaotic regulations which currently inhibit Texas loggers and allow the forestry industry room for the economic development it can bring to East Texas,” stated Representative White. “This is also a first step in getting our local governments the resources they need to improve and maintain infrastructure.”

On average, every dollar generated in the Texas forestry sector contributes an additional 73 cents to the rest of the Texas economy. Many counties in the timber region have double-digit unemployment, and require quick but prudent action to relieve hard working men and women of regulation threatening their businesses. In addition, the regulations in place are preventing job creating businesses from making East Texas their home.

Representative White is the Member of the Texas House of Representatives for District 19, composed of Polk, Tyler, Jasper, Newton, and Hardin counties.

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