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by: Rep. White, James

Representative James White named Vice Chair of Corrections

AUSTIN, TEXAS - The Texas House of Representatives today announced committee assignments. Representative James White was announced as Vice Chair of the Corrections Committee and a member of the Agriculture and Livestock Committee.

“I am honored to serve as both Vice Chair of the House Corrections Committee, and as a member of the Agriculture and Livestock Committee,” said Representative White. “These appointments present a great opportunity to serve the people of District 19, and indeed all of Texas. In the midst of nationwide economic turmoil, service on Agriculture and Livestock will enable me to examine and vote on measures that will save and create East Texas jobs, and restore economic prosperity in our local communities by relieving rural small businesses of government red tape and over-regulation from Austin and Washington DC; and bring much needed jobs to Southeast Texas. In addition, I want to thank the Speaker for his trust in selecting me to serve as Vice Chair of the Corrections Committee. I look forward to working with Chairman Parker to find ways to ensure that we have safe communities and a criminal justice system that is more effective and efficient for Texas taxpayers.”

The Agriculture and Livestock Committee is tasked with making sure that our Texas agriculture, horticulture, and livestock industries are prosperous. Additionally, this committee has the responsibility of establishing an environment in which our forestry industry is vibrant and strong. Members of this committee will also handle the issues affecting rural areas of state and the economic development of these areas. The Agriculture and Livestock Committee has jurisdiction over issues pertaining to state agencies such as the Department of Agriculture and the Texas Forest Service.

The Corrections Committee investigates issues regarding the incarceration and rehabilitation of convicted felons, establishment and maintenance of programs alternative to incarceration, and the construction, operation, and management of correctional facilities; along with matters pertaining to juvenile corrections. The Corrections Committee has jurisdiction over affairs relating to state agencies such as the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Texas Juvenile Justice Department, and the Board of Pardons and Paroles.

“Bringing jobs to Southeast Texas is my top priority,” said Representative White. “I’m excited about the opportunities to examine legislation that will do just that.”

Representative White is the Member of the Texas House of Representatives for District 19, composed of Polk, Tyler, Jasper, Newton, and Hardin counties.

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