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House Passes Legislation to Fulfill Medicaid Obligations 
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by: Rep. King, Ken

AUSTIN, TEXAS Thursday, Representative Ken King (Canadian) proudly joined his colleagues in the Texas House of Representatives unanimously passing House Bill 10. The legislation, authored by Appropriations Committee Chairman Jim Pitts (Waxahachie), allows the Legislature to fulfill its current financial obligations to health care providers and ensures that Texas doctors, hospitals, and nursing homes can continue to provide services to Texas residents.

"The passage of this legislation guarantees that our goal of providing essential healthcare services while remaining fiscally responsible becomes a reality," said King. "The unified vote by which House Bill 10 passed demonstrates the willingness of the membership to work together."

The current appropriation for Medicaid costs is scheduled to run out in March of 2013. House Bill 10 provides a supplemental appropriation of $4.8 billion to ensure the continuation of vital services such as Medicaid ($4.5 billion) and Children’s Health Program ($75 million). Due to exceptional growth in the private sector, the State of Texas will collect $8.8 billion more in the current biennium than originally estimated. This stronger-than-expected performance of the Texas economy will allow House Bill 10 to be paid with existing revenue.

Representative King continued saying, “This legislation is about paying our bills and keeping promises to our constituents. Through our actions today, we will continue to provide for those most vulnerable in our society.”

Ken King was elected to serve the citizens of District 88, which contains counties in both the South Plains and Panhandle sections of Texas, in November of 2012. He served as member of the Canadian ISD school board for 5 years and President for 3. He also serves as Vice President of King Well Service, Inc. a fifty-year-old, family run energy services firm based in Canadian, Texas.

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