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Representative González files bills to restore multi-million dollar industry  print page

by: Rep. González, Mary

“Representative González files bills to restore multi-million dollar industry”

“Dairy industry could bring hundreds of jobs back to El Paso County.”

Austin, TX— Today, State Representative Mary E. González (El Paso) introduced legislation to bring back El Paso dairy farms.

HB 1080 will remove prior restrictions to restore the dairy farm industry in El Paso County, which has the opportunity to inject millions of dollars back into the El Paso economy.

"The dairy farms in El Paso County were an essential part of our local economy, and I've seen how its absence has hurt my district" said González. "With new policies in place and tools to reevaluate the region, I believe we have the ability to make this industry even more successful than it was before."

HB 1081 will require the Texas Animal Health Commission to conduct a yearlong study to update its findings in El Paso county. The study will also include a statement noting the fiscal impact that El Paso dairy farms would create. For over ten years El Paso County has been without this crucial industry despite recent changes to USDA policy.

"Important agricultural decisions should always be based on the most up to date science. It is absolutely necessary for the Animal Health Commission to update their information— with new policies and technology we'll be able to determine that dairy farms are safe in El Paso County just like they are in Hudspeth county and in Doña Ana County, New Mexico," González stated.

10 years ago El Paso dairy farms were a $40 million industry which employed over 200 people in the county.

"El Paso County has a great agricultural community. I believe that, if passed, House Bills 1080 and 1081 will help inject millions of dollars into the El Paso economy and strengthen El Paso agriculture."

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