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by: Rep. Reynolds, Ron

AUSTIN (February 5, 2013) - Today, State Representative Ron Reynolds (Fort Bend County, District 27) filed HB 959. In light of constituent concerns regarding state contracts with historically underutilized businesses (HUBs), Rep. Reynolds introduced legislation to assist the state in meeting its contracting goals for minority and women owned businesses.

"Historically underutilized businesses are prevented from taking advantage of economic opportunities when the state falls short of its proposed goals for HUB contracts. HUBs have the experience and demonstrated ability to satisfy the requirements of contracts in a variety of fields, and the state needs to be more accountable to ensure that HUBs receive more contracts," stated Rep. Reynolds.

The HUB program began in 1991 to increase minority and women owned business participation in state procurement and contracting from which such businesses had often had difficulty becoming involved. The state performs periodic disparity studies to assess the effectiveness of the HUB program. These studies show that there is still a lot of room for improvement.

Rep. Reynolds asserted that, "although there have been many inroads made by HUBs in the last two decades, the percentage of contracts that HUBs receive is unsatisfactory. The recent Comptroller disparity study showed improvement and provided quality recommendations, many of which I am incorporating into this legislation."

Rep. Reynolds concluded by saying, "I am impressed by the efforts of some state agencies - particularly universities. But, we need the same commitment and passion for seeking contracts for HUBs throughout every state agency. I have made this one of my legislative priorities and am determined to meet the goals set out by the state for HUB participation."

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