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Rep.Workman Co-Authors Second Amendment Preservation Act to Protect Texans  print page

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Rep. Workman Co-Authors Second Amendment Preservation Act to Protect Texans and Preserve the Constitution

Bill prohibits enforcement of all federal gun laws infringing upon the right to bear arms

AUSTIN - Today, State Representative Paul Workman co-authored House Bill 553, reaffirming and protecting each Texan's right to bear arms. The "Second Amendment Preservation Act" was filed in response to potential federal Executive Orders that would unconstitutionally restrict the right to bear arms.

The proposed legislation prohibits the enforcement of any federal law or regulation that attempts to confiscate or ban any firearm, limits the size of a magazine or the amount of ammunition that may be purchased for any firearm, or imposes a tax or registration requirement on any firearm or ammunition.

"Texas has a long and proud history of responsible gun ownership, sportsmanship, and upholding its citzens' right to self-defense," said Rep. Workman. "It is incumbent for us as legislators to protect the rights of Texans from Washington overreach, and I am proud to join my colleagues in doing just that."

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