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by: Rep. Villalba, Jason

AUSTIN - On January 8, 2013, Jason Villalba was sworn in to represent District 114 in the Texas House of Representatives. He joins 42 additional new State Representatives as a member of the largest freshman class in Texas history. He worked quickly to establish his office in the Texas Capitol, including assembling a team of staff members to assist with the legislative process and help constituents with issues and inquiries.

“It is truly an honor to represent North Dallas in the Texas House of Representatives and I am ready to get to work on the challenges facing our great state,” said Rep. Jason Villalba. “I am pleased to announce that I have hired a team of highly dedicated and qualified individuals to serve the residents of Texas House District 114. I know that my staff is committed to serving our constituents with the highest level of service possible.”

Rep. Villalba is eager to work with his colleagues to address the issues that will be considered by the Texas Legislature. This includes passing legislation that will improve education, create jobs, support businesses, and continue to strengthen the economy in Texas. Rep. Villalba has already announced he will be filing the Protection of Children Act. This legislation will provide public school districts the option to have school marshals, who will be able to have a firearm on campus after receiving specialized training and demonstrating a high standard of proficiency. Rep. Villalba is currently working with leaders in law enforcement and public education to define the specifics of the legislation.

Capitol and District Contact Information

Capitol Office Contact Information
Room E2.702
Phone: 512-463-0576
Fax: 512-463-7827

Capitol Mailing Address
Representative Jason Villalba
P.O. Box 2910
Austin, Texas 78768

Chief of Staff: Brittany Eck –
District Director: Cecile Fernandez –
Legislative Director: Chase Fruge –
Scheduler and Legislative Aide: Ashley Juergens –

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Capitol Address:
District Address:

Room E2.404

P.O. Box 2910

Austin, TX 78768

(512) 463-0576

(512) 463-7827 Fax