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Sunset Advisory Commission begins review of State Agencies  print page

by: Rep. Price, Four

~ Commission receives recommendations and testimony regarding five state agencies. ~

This week, the members of the Sunset Advisory Commission conducted a hearing regarding five of the twenty-four state agencies the Commission will review this year. The five state agencies reviewed on Tuesday, April 10th, in the order of their appearance, consisted of: the Commission on Judicial Conduct, the State Preservation Board, the Ethics Commission, the Higher Education Coordinating Board, and the Lottery Commission.

The Sunset Advisory Commission reviews the mission, scope, and function of each state agency at least every twelve years or sooner if so set by the Texas Legislature. The Commission, with the assistance of the Sunset staff, examines the operations of each agency slated for review. Specifically, the need for each agency to continue its existence is thoroughly examined along with agency functions performed and programs administered. The review, in part, consists of determining whether functions and programs are still needed, whether they are duplicated by another state agency, and whether the agency is operating as efficiently as Texans expect and deserve. During this Sunset process, the Sunset Advisory Commission will make specific recommendations regarding each of the twenty-four agencies undergoing review to the Texas Legislature for its consideration during the upcoming session which will commence in January 2013. The Commission consists of five state senators, five state representatives, and two public members.

During Tuesday's lengthy hearing, the members of the Sunset Advisory Commission received analysis from the Sunset staff regarding the current performance of each of the five agencies. Staff also provided specific findings and recommendations how to enhance the operational effectiveness of the agencies. The Commission also heard testimony from agency executive directors and from several board members who were appointed by the Governor to lead the agencies. Additionally, the Commission heard testimony from numerous concerned citizens regarding how the agencies could be improved. To learn more about the Sunset Advisory Commission and the process please visit: Tuesday's hearing was broadcast live online and past meetings are archived - please see:

Representative Four Price is a member of the Sunset Advisory Commission. "The Sunset process is an excellent tool in examining whether an agency should continue to exist, and if so, what efficiencies and best practices can be implemented to make the agency more cost effective, transparent, and accountable to the public. As I have said before, optimal agency operation is always important when it comes to the expenditure of tax dollars and is especially essential in these times of tight state budget constraints." Price commented.


Representative Price represents Carson, Moore, Potter, and Sherman counties in the Texas Legislature. Price serves also as a member of the House Natural Resources Committee; the House Culture, Recreation & Tourism Committee; and the Energy Council. During the 2011 Regular Session, Price authored and passed House Bill 1781 which requires certain efficiencies in state agency reporting requirements.

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