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New State Water Plan calls for Legislative Action  print page

by: Rep. Gutierrez, Roland

SAN ANTONIO - Late yesterday, The Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) released the 2012 State Water Plan calling on Texas Legislators to lift current restrictions on the transfer of surface water from one basin to another.

TWDB concedes that even with the aggressive 2012 plan to conserve and find new water sources, that with the current restrictions, the greater San Antonio area will not be able to meet its growing needs. "San Antonio has done an exemplary job conserving water, but we need additional sources of water to reduce pressure on the San Antonio Pool of the Edwards Aquifer due to our growing population," said Representative Gutierrez. "We need a fresh approach to our water provisions as a state."

"House Bill 814 which I filed last regular legislative session, would have responsibly increased our water supply, reduced water restrictions, and provided economic stability," said Gutierrez. "And unlike many other options currently being explored, it does not increase the burden on taxpayers."

Potential socioeconomic losses by projected water shortages include: losses in regional income, state and local business taxes, the number of full-time and part-time jobs, population losses, and declines in school enrollment.

Rep. Gutierrez pledges to continue to fight for access to water resources and to protect and ensure a sustainable water future for the San Antonio region.

Other recommendations of the 2012 Water Plan include the creation of new reservoirs, increased water loss audits, and sustainable financing for water projects.

The 2012 State Water Plan is available online on the Texas Water Development Board website

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