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Rep. Lozano Makes Inter-Collegiate Transfers Easier for Students  print page

by: Rep. Lozano,
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Bill Increases Transferability for Students of Higher Education

Austin, TX— Today, HB 3025 joint-authored by Rep. JM Lozano (Kingsville), Rep. Dan Branch (Dallas) and Rep. Ryan Guillen (Rio Grande City) was voted out of the Texas House of Representatives. HB 3025 establishes a statewide transfer compact aimed at maximizing student transferability within public higher education institutions.

"Students are sometimes burdened with many obstacles while trying to transfer their course credit from junior and technical colleges to four year universities." Rep. Lozano said. "This bill seeks to eliminate these obstacles and allow for a streamlined process."

HB 3025 would require the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) to collaborate with higher education institutions to develop a common course numbering system and decide on an appropriate curriculum for courses. In the past, students have had to take the same course twice to meet the requirements of the institution they transferred to. HB 3025 would alleviate this problem through course equivalency among institutions.

"It will also allow students to be more pro-active in their education by requiring them to meet with a counselor to establish a degree plan." Rep. Lozano said.

Currently, community colleges enter into agreements with four-year universities to allow fluid transfer of course credit for students. However, this results in hundreds of individual agreements between different institutions. This bill will create one smooth state-wide agreement for students to transfer to different institutions and attain higher education.

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