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Ready to Work Hard for the People of Texas  print page

by: Rep. Farrar, Jessica

Rep. Jessica Farrar to serve as Vice Chair to the Environmental Regulations Committee and Member of Border and Intergovernmental Affairs Committee

Ready to Work Hard for the People of Texas

Austin, TX - Speaker Joe Straus has released committee assignments today. I am proud to have been selected to serve as Vice Chair for the Environmental Regulation Committee. My accumulated seniority assured my position on the Environmental Regulation Committee, but the opportunity to serve as Vice Chair is a bonus that will allow me to better advocate for clean air and water issues. In addition, I look forward to expanding my legislative experience by serving as a member of the Border and Intergovernmental Affairs Committee. I look forward to meeting the challenges and opportunities for change that each of these committees will provide.

With committees assigned, the real work can begin. The process of assigning bills to committees, holding hearings, and voting on various issues is soon to follow. I am excited that the process has begun because this legislative session will deal with the most critical issues in many years, including a structural revenue shortfall that results in devastating cuts to public schools, colleges, and senior citizens.

I have previously served on the following committees: Vice-Chair of the House Committee on Land and Resource Management, Environmental Regulation, State Affairs, Juvenile Justice and Family Issues, Corrections, County Affairs, Agriculture and Livestock, and Appropriations. I hope to use my previous experiences in these committees to better serve the people of Texas."

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