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Representative Farrar's Statement on House Bill 603  print page

by: Rep. Farrar, Jessica

AUSTIN, TX--Texans understand that securing our borders is a top priority. Texans also want protection without the added cost of discrimination. There are a host of bills that have been filed this session that would allow our law enforcement officials to engage in a type of racial profiling, marginalizing and alienating, disproportionately, Latinos.

An Arizona-style bill will make Texans less safe. It would add more responsibilities on the shoulders of local law enforcement agencies. Governor Perry agrees, saying recently that an Arizona-style immigration bill is wrong for Texas because it would turn law enforcement officers into immigration officials. Furthermore, citizens with valuable information crucial to law enforcement investigations will be afraid to come forward, fearing retribution.

I stand with our law enforcement officials, like Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia, who fear the deterioration of relationships between police and minority communities. "To fight crime effectively, we need victims to make outcry to law enforcement about illegal activity in their neighborhoods rather than fear that reporting crime will lead to investigation of their immigration status," Garcia said.

For these reasons and may more, I have filed HB 603 in order to allow local law enforcement to continue focusing on the safety of Texas communities, which is our top priority.

Liliana Mireles
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