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by: Rep. Martinez , Armando "Mando"

AUSTIN—Today, Representative Armando Martinez participated in a press conference with twenty-four other House Members to speak out on the severe budget cuts that are deeply and directly affecting Texas nursing homes. Projections from the Texas Health Care Association have predicted the closure of 50% of all Texas nursing homes, resulting in the eviction of 43,700 residents from their homes and a loss of 60,000 local jobs.

"Watching the evolution of the increasing budget cuts over the past few months has been greatly concerning to me, particularly when it pertains to the care of our citizens" said Representative Martinez. "These cuts to Texas nursing homes are absolutely unacceptable, and negligent to the groups who rely upon them for both care and employment. I am aware of a multitude of nursing homes in my district that will be shut down, and many more citizens who will lose their homes, and be forced to find new places to live."

The nursing home community also spoke out at the press conference, voicing strong concerns and emphasizing the damaging ramifications of these cuts to the quality of life of nursing home patients. According to the Texas Health Care Association, nursing homes spend nearly all of their funds on caregiver wages while very little is directed at administrative overhead costs; therefore, nursing home cuts would necessarily and directly impact residents, either through the outright closure of nursing home facilities, or through a decreased quality of care for patients, due to both staff cuts and a lack of funding for important care equipment and resources.

"These budget cuts, paired with an unwillingness to raise taxes, will result in a failure of this legislature to adequately attend to the needs of the state's elderly population and the health of our most vulnerable citizens" said Representative Martinez.

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