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by: Rep. Johnson, Eric

DALLAS, TX - State Representative Eric Johnson has filed HB 271 which would commission a study to identify the most effective strategies for intervening in elementary and middle schools to prevent at-risk students from later dropping out of high school. As a longtime volunteer tutor and mentor in the Dallas Independent School District, Representative Johnson believes that the dropout crisis facing our state's public high schools needs to be addressed well before students set foot in a ninth grade classroom.

"I have personally seen that by the time students reach high school, it is often too late to address many of the issues that cause so many of our students to drop out," said Representative Johnson. "While the research on addressing the dropout problem in high school is extensive, we know far less about the most effective methods for preventing high school dropouts by intervening in middle and elementary schools. HB 271 will provide the information we need to conduct effective and comprehensive dropout prevention efforts in our state's elementary, middle, and high schools."

HB 271 will require a state center for education research to conduct a study of best practices for dropout prevention. Specifically, the study will examine the effectiveness of dropout prevention efforts that provide coordinated programming in a high school with a high dropout rate in conjunction with the elementary and middle schools that feed into that high school. Additionally, the study will look at the use of state matching grants of money raised locally to fund dropout prevention efforts in a high school and its feeder schools as well as the use of a competitive process to award such grants. In light of the budget shortfall the state faces, the study will be conducted only upon the receipt of sufficient private contributions.

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